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The service and partnership with DSG has been phenomenal. I had a last-minute need from our business with an unreal timeline. Chris and his team at DSG not only completed the job but were ahead of schedule. This turned into a huge value for Dent Wizard that DSG was able to provide. This is very impressive as I have been in the industry for 20 years and worked with a lot of companies. We are currently working on a project with Chris and the DSG team now, the responsiveness and due diligence is second to none, and the attention to detail is excellent. DSG gave honest feedback on our network design, made robust recommendations to future proof our network, and made the process seamless. DSG is now my go to for communication needs.

Dan Brightwell

IT Director – Dent Wizard International
DSG has been a true consultant and partner to us! They can offer cookie-cutter solutions or a fully customized network design. DSG takes the time to evaluate needs and tailor a program to fit. Projects are organized and managed well. I will absolutely use DSG for future projects.

Michelle Berding

VP of Development – Interstate Cleaning
Titan is the manufacturer of off the road tires and wheels for the agricultural construction and mining industries. The reason that I chose working with DSG, Anthony and Chris, is for several reasons. First and foremost, they are passionate about their jobs, I can really appreciate that, because I am also very passionate about my job. Also, they are extremely engaged in working with us at every step of the process, not just through the initial introductions of technology or service vendors, but they attend every meeting, every conference call, so on so forth, so I know that they are engaged. They also stay engaged for post-production support. Any issues that come up whether its service or billing related, I can pick up the phone and dial Chris or Anthony and I know for sure they will give us the type of support that we expect in a partner.

Mike McLean

Chief Information Officer – Titan International
I consider DSG a strong strategic partner for S&B. They helped us consolidate our Internet and Voice services, at over 120 locations. This included new VOIP phones, broadband aggregation, with LTE backup. Anthony helped us at every step along the way. Completion of the project reduced the amount of trouble tickets we received from the stores by over 70%. Highly recommended.

Nathan Butterhorn

Senior Manager of Information Technology – Scrubs & Beyond, LLC
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